Exploring South America on Foot

South America is home to some of the finest hiking, walking and trekking on Earth. Colorful traditions and diverse cultures offer a glimpse into another world far from the fast pace of modern western life. We invite you to join us for a hiking and walking holiday in South America in any one of these beautiful destinations…


The natural beauty of Patagonia is unparalleled. Neither the Alps nor the Rockies can compare in size or splendor to this southern gem. Whether you find yourself in Chile or Argentina, you are sure to make memories you’ll not soon forget.

When to go: The peak season is December through February, summer months down south. However, if you travel in the shoulder seasons, August through November or March through May, you will encounter less crowds while still maintaining nice weather conditions.


One of the most quintessential places to go hiking in South America is Machu Picchu, Peru. Any trip to this diverse country would be incomplete without setting your eyes upon the “Lost City” of the Incas. And the best way to experience it is via a little bit of sweat. After working hard to get to the top, the reward is worth the extra effort where the splendor of the Incas is on full display.

When to go: Except for February, where the trails are closed for maintenance, any time is a great time to go to Machu Picchu. The peak tourist season is April through October during Peru’s version of winter. However traveling during the summer/rainy season is a great way to avoid crowds and see Machu Picchu in full vibrancy


Thankfully the Andes run the entire length of the South American continent so wherever you go you are sure to find great hiking and Ecuador  is no exception. Amongst rare wildlife you will also encounter raging waterfalls and radiant wildflowers. The size and complexity of the Andes mountain range will leave you begging to come back.

When to go: Being on the Equator, year-round temperatures are very stable. The highlands of Ecuador experience their dry season from about May to November so this is the best time to explore the Andes.


Where all the beauty and grandeur of the Andes mountains start, Colombia sets the scene for dramatic hikes and beautiful views. These mountainous regions gave rise to the literary style called magical realism for a good reason. Sometimes you might have to pinch yourself twice to make sure what you are seeing is not in fact too good to be true.

When to go: The dry season in Colombia, and therefore the best time for hiking, runs from December to April.

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