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The best views hands down, no matter where you are! Paragliders emulate birds by gliding on thermals, warm air currents, in order to gain altitude and get a true birds eye view. No matter where you go, paragliding is sure to leave you breathless as you traverse the airways in your destination of choice.



Chicamocha canyon is one of Colombia’s many prized natural wonders. You can take your experience to the next level by flying not just over the canyon itself, but soaring even up above the mountains that line it. No matter which way you look, the scenery just keeps on going, all the way past the visible horizon.

When to go: In the afternoon is the best time to go paragliding at Chicamocha. Each days flight depends on the winds and things tend to get stirred up by the afternoon. The time of year you go is less important than the time of day for paragliding!

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