Rivers give you unique access in South America

Whitewater rafting in South America offers incredibly high quality river adventures. As natural corridors through the rain forests and cloud forests South American rivers allow you to gain a unique perspective and access places rarely visited by outside travelers.


Whitewater rapid classifications explained

Keep in mind that individual rapid classifications can change with water levels, skill levels, equipment used, water temperature and time (what was once considered class 6 may now be 5+ and so on)

Relatively flat moving water. Very small waves, might require slight maneuvering.

Some splashy whitewater, maybe a few rocks, minimal maneuvering.

Fun whitewater, waves may be big, can include small drops, but no considerable danger. May require significant maneuvering.

More continuous whitewater, larger waves, more rocks, often has considerable drops, multiple maneuvers often needed. At higher flows, long class IV rapids can become class V. Remoteness and very cold water added to consequences can create IV+ or V conditions as well.

Very challenging whitewater, less predictable waves and holes, may be larger volume, often filled with many rocks and hazards, usually big drops, requires precise maneuvering and solid safety management practices. Stiff consequences for less than perfect performance.

Untamed Path offers rafting trips on class 2 to 5 stretches of whitewater rivers in South America.


One of the world’s foremost rafting locations, you will raft through valleys dominated by beautiful peaks, enjoying all manner of rapids along the way. You can simply enjoy a day raft, or go all in for a multi-day rafting excursion, with luxurious lodges along the way. Who doesn’t want to end a day of rafting with a cold drink in a hot-tub by the side of the river?

When to go: November through April is ideal rafting weather in Patagonia. November is the beginning of summer so the days are clear and sunny, and the water will continue to warm throughout the rest of the rafting season. As you get into April the rain will start to increase, but not enough to stop your awesome adventure!


One of the most stunning places to raft in Colombia is the Chicamocha river, at the base of the Chicamocha canyon. Often called the Grand Canyon of South America, this natural phenomenon is awe-inspiring. There’s a new favorite view around every river bend!

When to go: December through March and then July and August are the driest times of the year in Colombia. With nice temperatures year round, avoiding the rain become the key to a great trip down the river!

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