Sunset near Tayrona Park on Colombia’s Caribbean coast

Located in the Northwest corner of South America, Colombia is the continent’s hottest travel destination. With its incredibly biodiverse landscape and rich culture, one could spend a lifetime exploring this unique country! Here’s what you need to know about safety and more if you’re planning to travel to Colombia.

Is Colombia safe?

YES! Colombia’s 50-year civil conflict with the FARC (Leftist guerilla group) ended in 2016 with a nationally-approved peace deal. President Santos received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts and the implementation is now underway. While there are certainly areas that tourists should avoid, Untamed Path Adventures regularly monitors the geopolitical situation, and largely works in areas that have been conflict-free for many years.

Is Colombia hard to travel to?

Believe it or not, Colombia is only a 3-hour flight from Miami;There are now flights to Colombia from Boston, DFW, DC, Atlanta, Houston, LAX, JFK and more! Geographically, Colombia is directly South of the US East Coast and half of the year is on EST Time Zone.

Is Colombia expensive?

It’s an extremely affordable time to go to Colombia! The current exchange rate is about 2900 pesos/1USD. An 8D/7N night trip will cost between $2,000-2,500 USD/person for a 4-person group at 4-star hotels. And that includes activities!

The country has a well-developed air infrastructure that makes getting from city to city or region to region easy and affordable.

What are the people like?

Colombians are known as some of the happiest people on earth by various studies and recognized awards. They are also very educated, civil, professional, industrious, fun-loving and beautiful!

How big is Colombia?

Colombia’s population is about 48 million people, making it the second most populous country in South America after Brasil (220 million). It’s about the size of Texas and France combined, although nearly half of the country is made up of rugged jungles. It has the Andes mountains, Caribbean & Pacific beaches, snow-capped peaks, rivers, lakes and of course the huge Amazon jungle – making it the perfect country for an adventure vacation!

What are the best cities to visit in Colombia?

Bogotá: A whirlwind of sights, sounds, smells and stories awaits you in Colombia’s capital city. Explore the history of this great country by touring La Candelaria, getting a bird’s eye view from the Monserrate sanctuary or dancing the night away while experiencing Bogotá‘s amazing nightlife.

Medellín: Nicknamed “The City of Eternal Spring”, this hillside metropolis is a balmy 72°F almost year-round. Named the most innovative city in the world by the Wall Street Journal in 2013, you will find a bustling city bursting with life and unique culture. A relatively young city, you will find plenty of entertainment, restaurants, shopping and nightlife in Medellin.

Cartagena: One of the most beautiful and well-preserved Spanish colonial cities, Cartagena will blow you away with its vibrant colors and even more vibrant atmosphere. Spend your time here strolling its cobblestone streets and sailing its clear blue waters.

View of Bogotà from restaurant at Monserrate Sanctuary

Any other places to visit in Colombia?

By traveling with Untamed Path Adventures, we guarantee you’ll experience some of the most unique places to visit in Colombia. Some of our favorites include:

La Guajira: Colombia’s Northeastern-most province is a lesser-known Caribbean paradise. With untouched sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, sand dunes and salt flats and its fair share of interesting historical sites, there is plenty to do here and you’ll likely be the only one doing it!

Chicamocha Canyon: Dubbed “The Grand Canyon of South America”, this impressive natural phenomenon is one that you must see to believe. Running just over-one-mile deep and one hundred and forty-one miles long, the Chicamocha is an impressive sight, and even more impressive rafting its class 4-5 river or flying hundreds of feet in the air with a well-trained Colombian paraglider.

Tatacoa Desert: Known for its stunning star show, the Tatacoa Desert is a particularly unique area of Colombia. Within a ten-minute drive you go from lush mountainsides to barren desert. Make sure you take the time to seek out the swimming oasis hidden amongst the rock formations.

Tatacoa Oasis