Adventure travel in Argentina is almost endless between the Andes mountains, glacial lakes, and Pampas grasslands. More than just Tango and beef, Argentina is the second largest country in South America after Brazil and boasts an extremely vibrant culture. Combining indigenous cultures with Spanish conquistadors, with gaucho cowboys, with modern western influences, Argentina is a bold blend, just like many of its world famous wines.

Argentina at a Glance

Population: 41 million
Flight time from Miami: 9 hrs
Most popular tourist attractions: Iguazu Falls, Mendoza Wine region, Monte Fitz Roy
Best known for: Inventing the Tango
Most Famous Citizens: World soccer stars Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona; Che Guevara, Marxist revolutionary known for his involvement in the Cuban Revolution.

map of argentina, south america

Must Sees


Home to one of the most breathtaking sections of the Andes Mountains, Patagonia is a lure for anyone with a spirit of adventure. Whether you explore the back reaches of the range or just drive up to take in the sights, the views will blow you away.

ICECUBE PATAGONIA,Patagonia ,Argentina, South America
MENDOZA ,Argentina, South America


The heart of Argentine wine country, Mendoza is known world-wide, although often as just a name on a Malbec label. Come and see how much more this region, located in the foothills of the Andes, has to offer (trekking, mountain biking, rafting, and world-class restaurants to top it off!).

Buenos Aires

The New York or London of South America, Buenos Aires is a city-lovers city. World class restaurants are backed by historical sites, around the corner from the hottest clubs in town. Whatever your fancy you can find it somewhere in the madness that is Buenos Aires!

PUBLIC SQUARE IN LA BOCA ,Argentina, South America

Unique Sites

SAN JUAN ,Argentina, South America

Solar Eclipse in San Juan

In July, 2019, the solar eclipse path of totality will fall right over the sleepy town of San Juan, only a few hours north of Mendoza, the heart of Argentine wine country. Untamed Path has crafted a special itinerary to take advantage of these two unique and beautiful attractions. Don’t miss out on the trip of a lifetime in Mendoza!


Often compared to the towns of Switzerland, Bariloche is set amidst lakes and peaks. With bountiful activities in both summer and winter, Bariloche is exploding in growth and popularity. Don’t miss out on one of Argentina’s most popular places!

TULIPANES - BARRILOCHE -Llao Llao-Patagonia, Patagonia ,Argentina, South America
ARTO MARTTINEN-Fitz Roy ,Argentina, South America

Mount Fitz Roy

The most dramatic and picturesque mountain of the Patagonia range and the basis for the clothing company logo, Fitz Roy is a mountain unlike any other in the world. A draw for mountain climbers and curious photographers alike, it lies almost directly on the Argentina-Chile border. Don’t pass up an opportunity to get your own photo of this natural wonder.

Iguazu Falls

In the competition for the world’s most stunning waterfalls, along with Niagara and Victoria falls, Iguazu Falls are a collection of 275 waterfalls on the Argentine-Brazilian border. It is both taller than Niagara falls as well as wider than Victoria falls, and is a dramatic part of the Parana river.

IGUAZU WATERFALLS ,Argentina, South America
SALTA ,Argentina, South America


Located in the northwest of Argentina, Salta is a relatively unexplored region that doesn’t draw the same crowds as some of Argentina’s more famous locations. Still rising in popularity, Salta is a hot-spot for adventure activities from hiking to biking to four-wheeling, and has a growing culinary and viticulture scene.


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