Bordering an enormous swath of the Pacific Ocean, Chile offers everything from world-renowned wineries to world-class whitewater. Chile is the most politically and economically stable country in South America, with the highest GDP per capita in the continent. Whether trekking across Patagonia, exploring the Atacama Desert, or visiting Chilean wineries, it is easy to fall in love with Chile’s diverse beauty and culture.

Chile at a Glance

Population: 17 million
Flight time from Miami: 8 hrs
Most popular tourist attractions: Torres del Paine, Easter Island, Valparaiso
Best known for: Being the world’s longest country; it is 2,647 mi long and only 93 mi wide.
Most Famous Citizens: Pablo Neruda, highly acclaimed poet and diplomat Isabel Allende, accomplished writer and niece of Salvador Allende, ex-president of Chile.

map of Chile, south america

Must Sees


Patagonia is an outdoorsman’s dream. You can enjoy almost any sport in this one-of-a-kind location. Hike along the glacial fjords, raft down glacial rivers, mountain bike the stunning peaks, or simply sit and soak it all in on our Chilean adventure tour.

CHILEAN VINEYARDS,Chile, South America

Some of the world’s top vineyards are located along the fertile slopes of the Andes mountains running the length of Chile. From sumptuous reds to delicate whites and bright rosés, come enjoy your new favorite wine in one of South America’s most dramatic settings!

Lake District

Located a short flight south of Santiago, Chile’s Lake District is a visually stunning place to visit where active volcanoes slope right down into clear, turquoise lakes. With heavy Germanic influence, the Lake District looks almost like a small European town, complete with small breweries and plenty of outdoor activities.

Lake District, CHILE, South America

Unique Sites

Atacama Desert

Sometimes compared to the surface of Mars, the Atacama Desert is the driest place on the planet due to its position between two mountain ranges that suck up all the rainfall. This otherworldly scene has hosted scientists, explorers, and adventurers alike. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to join the club!

The Land of Fire, CHILE, South America

Tierra del Fuego

“The Land of Fire” got its name from the huge bonfires seen by the earliest European explorers. This archipelago at the end of the Earth (or just at the end of South America) is one of the most hauntingly rugged places on the planet. Dramatic mountains and coastlines are shaded with stories of mysterious native peoples and shipwrecks galore.

Easter Island

World famous for the 887 moai statues, Easter Island is owned by Chile, even though it is 2,180 miles off the coast of continental Chile. The island was originally inhabited by the Rapa Nui people who carved and raised the famous statues from about 700-7700 A.D.



Known for it’s brightly colored houses, hilly terrain, and vibrant artistic life, Valparaíso’s historic center was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003. After losing one of its most important economic lifelines, the city has become a hub for poets and painters who have given the city its vibrant and often quirky colors.


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