The deep Amazon Rainforest is pulsing with life on all levels. Look up to see a group of tamarind monkeys traversing the canopy, look down and there is a root to help a toothache, look left to catch the movement of a group of giant peccaries fading into the distance, and to the right, plants to help with all that ails your mind and spirit. Delve into the rainforest and discover all manner of wonderful things!

‘Deep Amazon’ Adventure

Untamed Path’s only group departure trip and one of our most popular!

-This is the most adventurous and rugged way to experience the Amazon jungle!

-Fly in a Cessna plane to a dirt runway, travel downriver via motorized dugout canoe, camp on beaches or under the jungle canopy, fish the Amazon river, and fly back on the Cessna from the border of Peru.

-12 day trip (including international travel)

-Check out our Deep Amazon Itinerary page for a full day-by-day itinerary as well as prices and availability!

This is a fixed itinerary trip which means it only runs on fixed dates*, requires a minimum of four people to run, and is our only trip that we do not alter.

*If you have already have a group of four, we can set up the trip on whichever dates work best for you.

JUNGLE GROUP, Amazon, South America

Custom Amazon Adventures

Custom adventures are our specialty, we want to work alongside you to create your perfect trip. There is nothing formulaic about the amazon, no one size fits all. Whether you want a luxury river cruise on South America’s longest river, nights spent high in the canopy, or to sleep outside, lulled to sleep by the sounds of the forest, we can design an ideal Amazon Adventure.

JUNGLE TRIP CANOE, Amazon, South America
  • Hiking

  • Ziplining

  • Fishing

  • Canoeing

  • Camping

  • Kayaking

  • Wildlife Spotting / Birding

  • Indigenous Interaction

  • Night Hikes

LA SELVA LODGE, Amazon, South America

Amazon in Ecuador

Ecuador is home to many higher-end lodges in the Amazon where you can experience the rainforest in more luxurious accommodations. After days of hiking and canoeing through the jungle, you will appreciate the option of a massage to end your experience. Combine your trip to the Galápagos with a few days in the Amazon for the best of all that Ecuador has to offer!

Amazon in Peru

Lodges in Peru are not quite as high-end as in Ecuador, but offer a similarly wide variety of experiences and activities, at a more affordable price point. From canoeing a lake at night to see the friendly caiman crocs, to staying in a tree-house lodge, the Amazon in Peru is a unique experience. The Peruvian Amazon is only a half hour flight from Cusco, making it a great add-on to a Machu Picchu trip!

TREE-HOUSE LODGE, Amazon, South America
TANINBOCA, Amazon, South America

Amazon in Colombia

Tourism in the Colombian Amazon is not quite as developed compared to other countries due to its historic political situation and its sheer size. This once inaccessible region is now opening up to tourism and development. If you enjoy being the only foreigner for miles around, Colombia is a great option for you. The advantages of going to Colombia are that you can travel the Amazon river at the confluence of three different countries.

When to Visit

The most popular time to experience the Amazon jungle is May or June, right at the end of the rainy season (February to April). Many parts of the forest will be flooded, giving visitors the unique opportunity to silently paddle a canoe underneath the expansive canopy. From April through October is the dry season making it a great time for exploring the rainforest on foot.

Air Temps (High/Low) Sun (Avg Hrs / Day) Rain
Wet season (Jan-May) 80/75°F
4 60-180 in.
Dry season (June-Dec) 80/75°F
6 40 – 100 in.

General Information

The Amazon River Basin, Amazonia, is the largest drainage system in the world in terms of volume of flow and area of basin. It is estimated that one-fifth of all the water that runs off the Earth’s surface is carried by the Amazon. This gargantuan river stretches roughly 4,000 miles from its headwaters in Peru to the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. This makes it just short of the Nile River, but is equivalent to the distance from New York to Rome! Amazonia, as an entire ecosystem, contains more plant and animal species than anywhere else in the world. Even today scientists are still identifying new species! It is one of our greatest natural resources, the abundance of plant life provides roughly 20% of the Earth’s oxygen.

Amazon Rainforest, Adventure Travel, South America, Custom Trips

Unfortunately, all this natural wealth is attractive to the human species just as much as to the animal and plant species that live there. Oil reserves, natural minerals, and fertile land are some of the main draws to the area. Deforestation is happening at an accelerated rate in order to get access to these resources. It’s estimated that in the last 40 years alone, 20% of the rainforest has been cut down. This impacts the entire ecosystem, and while creating National Parks in parts of the rainforest is a great start, it is naïve to think that these small pockets will remain unchanged if the greater Amazon forest should disappear. However, your trip to the Amazon can make a difference. By visiting various nature reserves, you can begin to really appreciate this precious resource. By visiting local villages and interacting with the locals you can help empower them to fight for their home and their traditional ways of life.

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