The world’s longest continental mountain range, the opportunities for active adventures are endless. Whether you like hiking, biking, rafting, or rappelling, the Andes provides a world-class location to do it. With stunning scenery and good infrastructure, the Andes is a very accessible range no matter what country you are in.

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Activities in the Andes


Your own two feet are a great way to explore this enormous and stunning mountain range. From the bottom of Chile all the way to Colombia, if you enjoy the simple pleasures of walking, we will get you your Andean fix.

HIKING ANDES, South America
MOUNTAIN BIKE, South America

Mountain Biking

Where there are world famous mountains, there are world-class mountain biking trails. With some trails covering over 14,000ft of descent, a ride in the Andes will get your heart pumping, from altitude, adrenaline, or both! You can bike down Bolivia’s Death Road, explore Ecuador’s Cloud Forest, or Patagonia’s impressive peaks, all from the seat of your bicycle.


From flatwater rafting to class IV rapids, you can choose your level of adventure on one of South America’s many rivers that flow out of the Andes. Raft through Colombia’s Chicamocha canyon, often called the Grand Canyon of South America, or in Patagonia’s world-class white water.

RAFTING, South America
RAPPELLING, South America


A picture-perfect adventure, come take the plunge over the side of a cliff or down a waterfall with one of our experienced guides in Colombia.


Although the Andes are the tallest mountain range outside of Asia, you can glide over the mountaintops as if they were rolling hills. With unparalleled views and unprecedented access, opportunities for paragliding adventures are exploding across the Andean region.

PARAGLIDING, South America
CAMPING, South America


If you like immersing yourself in the outdoors, the Andes offers great locations to pitch a tent and enjoy the silence of the mountains. From Colombia to Chile, if sleeping under the stars sounds like a dream come true, it really can in South America.

When to Visit

Northern Andes (Colombia and Ecuador)

The Northern Andes are centered around the equator so they experience pleasant temperatures year-round. The seasons are broken down into the wet and dry seasons, see below for average weather information

Air Temps (Hi/Low) Sun (Hrs per/day) Rain (in/month)
Wet (Jan-Apr) 70/48°F 4.5 5
Dry (Mar-Dec) 75/45°F 6 2

Central Andes (Peru and Northern Chile/Argentina)

Though not centered around the equator, the seasons, both wet and dry, are still relatively mild year-round in the Central Andes.

Air Temps (Hi/Low) Sun (Hrs per/day) Rain (in/month)
Wet (Nov-Apr) 66/48°F
5 5
Dry (May – Oct) 68/35°F
7.5 >.5

Southern Andes (Patagonia)

The weather in Patagonia definitely adheres to a familiar four seasons. Summers are sunny but breezy, while winters are filled with enough snow to make any avid skier a happy person.

Air Temps (Hi/Low) Sun (Hrs per/day) Rain (in/month)
Spring (Sept-Nov) 64/36°F
7 1.5
Summer (Dec-Feb) 72/41°F
10 .8
Fall (Mar-May) 55/32°F
7 3
Winter (Jun-Aug) 43/28°F
4 5

Andes Information

ANDES, CAMPING, South America

This mammoth mountain range runs for 4,300 miles from the top of the continent in Venezuela to the bottom in the Tierra del Fuego and make up the western side of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Averaging about 13,000ft, the tallest mountain in the range is Mount Aconcagua rising to an impressive 22,838ft. However, the peak of the Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador is actually the farthest spot from the center of the earth due to the slight bulge of the earth around the equator. Many of South America’s state capitals, such as Quito, Bogota, and Sucre, are located at plateaus high up in the mountains, on average about 9,000ft high.

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