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Adventure off the beaten path

South America’s vibrant cultures and diverse natural environments will energize your senses and satisfy your most adventurous travel dreams. Adventure destinations

Have authentic experiences

Genuine interactions have the power to rejuvenate and connect us with a deeper understanding of the world outside our personal paradigms. Cultural exchange

Enjoy smooth and easy logistics

Our many years of experience with small groups in South America gives you the peace of mind to relax and take in the journey. Our team of local guides and drivers will make sure your trip to their country is outrageously memorable. About us

Travel deep into nature

Far from the concrete jungle is a place of unparalleled beauty that speaks directly to the human spirit in ways that are both obvious and subtle. Again, local knowledge is the key to really getting out there. Wilderness camping trips

Feel good about the journey

Help improve the quality of life in South America by providing alternative sources of income to resource extraction. When a local community has a financial stake in the health of the surrounding ecosystem they work hard to protect it. What is Ecotourism?


What’s your adventure style?

Be part of a small group on a fixed itinerary
Plan a private trip for just your friends or family


How active do you want to be?

Climb a 19,000 foot peak and sleep in a tent
Take relaxing walks and enjoy a comfortable bed
All of the above!

Where do you want to go?

The lush Amazon Rainforest, towering Andes Mountains
and unbelievable Galapagos Islands are waiting for you.

Untamed Path is your ultimate source for adventure travel
and exploring the way you want to in South America.


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