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Adventures that visit the Amazon rainforest


Amazon Culture Tour Rainforest & Culture
Amazon rainforest locals share their way of life with you

Amazon rainforest travel Andes, Amazon & Wildlife
Combine Andes adventure with an Amazon wildlife journey

Amazon deep rainforest tour Deep Amazon
Remote rainforest canoeing and camping with native guides

Amazon rainforest multi-sport Rainforest Multi-sport
Active Amazon adventure, something new every day

Personalized Amazon rainforest adventure Custom rainforest trips
Create your own Amazon tour combining culture, wildlife and activities as you prefer them


Rainforest tours




Amazon Rainforest Travel & Tours

Pulsing with life on all levels

The Amazon Rainforest is referred to as the lungs of the earth for a good reason. From the micro herd of the unseen on the forest floor to the mega fauna roaming freely, this environment is phenomenal. Learn from local indigenous people about a way of life that is closely connected to the rhythms of the natural world. The forest contains their food, medicine and spirituality. Help them protect it.

Amazon travelTravel by land and river

Float down lush river corridors teeming with rainforest birds and wildlife. Experience the warm tropical water via raft, kayak or dugout canoe. Hike through the jungle with a shaman or naturalist. The Amazon is under pressure from a world consuming mass amounts of oil. By visiting a community based ecotourism project or eco lodge you will be showing your active support against the pressure to extract resources unsustainably using damaging practices in this tender region.

Comfort level: A range of tour styles

Whether you're looking for a comfortable and ecologically responsible jungle lodge to explore the rainforest from or want an extended expedition camping deep in primary forest, one of our Amazon Rainforest itineraries is likely to meet your needs and match your travel style. Join a small group or plan your own custom adventure in the Amazon rainforest.

Your own personal rainforest nature show

Look up and there is a group of tamarind monkeys traversing the canopy, look down and there is a root to help a toothache, look left to catch the movement of a group of giant peccaries fading into the distance, look right and there are plants to help with all that ails your mind and spirit, fall asleep to the jungle chorus of birds, insects and wildlife and wake up to a pod of howler monkeys in the distance.

Amazon adventures Welcome to the jungleā€¦give us a call to join an existing itinerary or design your own adventure in the Amazon.

Amazon rainforest adventures


What guests say about our Amazon rainforest trips

"The sound of the howler monkeys at first light, the occasional splash of very large fish or otters in the lake, the sharp pitched call of the Oropendulas and the constant hum of life. These memories from the trip will stay with me forever. What an amazing place. Thank you so much for all your work to create the perfect rainforest experience for our group".

J. Matlock
Albuquerque, New Mexico


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