We are explorers and adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts and builders of bridges between cultures. We believe in small group travel, leaving a small footprint, and interacting as much as possible with the host country & culture. We are values driven and always strive to treat our clients, partners, and the communities we visit with the utmost respect and dignity. To us, travel is life-giving. Helping others fully experience the places we love is our passion.

Our home office is located in the Charlotte area of North Carolina, USA, but we are often found exploring more of South America (and other parts of the world for fun!) As travel designers without our own assets on the ground, we rely on a skilled team of in-country partners and operators who serve our clients with us in, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.


  • Experience & Knowledge of the Region – Jeff has been to Colombia 70+ times since 2004, Peru 30 times, and has lived in Colombia, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. He has logged over 2.5 million American Airlines miles in the region and has personally led many groups in 8 countries over the last 20 years.  Jared has trekked through Patagonia and spent a lot of time exploring Colombia and Ecuador.  Mike spent a year in Ecuador leading volunteer groups working on reforestation projects and was a client of Untamed Path in Colombia!

  • Private, Tailor-Made Trips – Our focus is designing custom-made, private trips for each of client that accommodates their interests, comfort & activity preferences, budget, and desired pace. Most of our clients travel in groups of 6 or less, with the occasional larger family or group of 10-16 friends. And not everyone in the group has to do the exact same itinerary; we are very flexible with the degree of customization!

  • Customer Service – As a small company, we are more flexible and dynamic in our custom trip designs and more competitive on pricing. We work closely with our clients to ensure each adventure is an unforgettable experience. And we pride ourselves on being available to our clients nearly 24/7!

  • Amazing In-Country Partners – As travel designers, we rely on in-country operators. Over our 18 years in business, we have cultivated some outstanding partnerships with operators that take great care of our clients, and we continually refine the selection and retention process. We consider many of our partners as family.


Owner and Lead Travel Designer

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As a veteran businessman in several industries, Jeff will assure the value of your journey to South America.  Having worked throughout Central and South America for 20 years, he is an expert at negotiating on behalf of his clients.

But he also has the heart and the soul of an explorer: gripped by an early passion for South America, he has made a life for himself either residing in or traveling often to the region since he graduated from college.  He is eager for others to get to know this part of the world he loves so deeply. Even before taking ownership Untamed Path, he took dozens of friends and volunteer groups to the region. His 40th birthday celebration in Colombia with 12 friends is now our signature trip there!

Prior to Untamed Path, he spent seven years leading a family foundation creating housing for vulnerable children in South America and Africa. Jeff fell in love with South America in college and proved it later by visiting Colombia 70+ times in 12 years while working in business development for US-based companies (amidst tons of travel and work in other Latin American countries too). He loves meeting new people and sharing with them his favorite, and often untamed places in South America!


Travel Designer

From Colombia to South Africa, backpacks to rafts, Mike is our go-to expert in the nitty gritty details of the adventures you’ll be undertaking.

Mike started his outdoor lifestyle as the one being carried inside of a backpack, but quickly graduated to carrying his own, and hasn’t stopped since. He is passionate about helping others to experience the beauty and wonder of the natural world, and after many years working as an outdoor trip leader, it was this same passion that drove him to Untamed Path. Coupled with a newfound but growing interest in South America after living in Ecuador, he is excited to be a partner in creating remarkable memories that you will always cherish.

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Untamed Path was founded in 1999 by two avid wilderness guides with extensive experience in South America. The founders Jen & Mike saw a need for a type of travel company that offers active adventures with a deep respect for local ecosystems and cultures

They share a love of mountaineering and wild, open spaces. Jen’s background was in outdoor education as an Outward Bound Instructor and Mike’s background was also in outdoor education and as a class V rafting guide.

Since then, Untamed Path has continued to grow and expand. In 2015 Jen & Mike passed on ownership to Jeff Boyd, a former client and fellow South American expert. Drawing on his many years living and travelling throughout South America, Untamed Path is continuing to develop new and exciting trips. Colombia is a brand new location for the company and we are excited to keep exploring on your behalf!


We’ll find what you’re looking for but we’ll help you find it in ways that go beyond the ordinary. Each experience will be authentic, and will avoid the ruts created for mass-market tours.

Whether its luxury accommodations or a night under the stars in a jungle encampment—those places won’t be overrun with group tours.  You’ll know you’re some place different, and will be allowed to enjoy that experience to the fullest.

Our approach is an artisanal one, and we pride ourselves as craftsmen in a trade that has become all too assembly-line in nature.