Birds: South America’s Hidden Treasures

With many of the world’s most bio-diverse regions, South America is home to more than 3,000 species of birds. From hummingbirds to flamingo’s, South America is home to many species at the top of most birders lists. Whether you want to see the cloud forest or the rain forest, let us help you plan a birding experience to remember!


From Minca in the north to the Amazon in the south, the opportunities for bird-watching in Colombia are excellent. Colombia boasts the most bird species out of any South American country. A great add-on to any adventure trip, check out the best spots to find your top birds.

When to go: All year is a great time to go birding, come rain or shine. However if you want to avoid getting your feet or binoculars too wet, aim for the dry season which runs from December through March.

BIRDING - ECUADOR, South America


The cloud forest in Ecuador is one of the most densely bio-diverse areas on the whole planet. With beautiful plants and a variety of wildlife, you will see more than just birds in this amazing country. Ecuador is home to a wide variety of birds including a stunning array of hummingbirds as well as the much-coveted Cock-of-the-Rock!

When to go: Birding tours run year round in Ecuador, one of the major benefits of being an equatorial country!

Amazon Rainforest

Accessible from many different countries, the rainforest is home to beautiful birds with plumage in every color of the rainbow. You might just be in for the birds, but the benefit of visiting the rainforest is the astounding variety of other species you will see along the way!

When to go: April through December is the dry season in the Amazon, although it will still rain during the dry season. The most popular time to go is May or June as the forest will still be flooded, allowing you to travel silently through the forest and sneak right up on your favorite birds.


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