Back roads & single track in the Andes and beyond

The mountain biking in South America has incredible potential. From ancient Incan trail systems to newly developed routes, mountain biking is a great way to travel and see rural South America, especially the Andes and cloud forest. Whether you just want to get somewhere faster than walking, or you are going for the all-out adrenaline-rush, these South American countries could be great for you…


Due to the size of the Andes, you can ride downhill all day and never have to take a break to go back up! From beginner friendly trails to much more technical single track lines, Bolivia is a mountain biker’s dream come true. Local riders will show you the ropes and give you a first-class introduction to their favorite trails.

When to go: April through October is characterized by cooler temperatures, especially in the highlands or salt flats, but also minimal rainfall. The skies will be clear and the trails fresh!

BIKING - BOLIVIA, South America
BIKING - ECUADOR, South America


Ecuador is a great country for multi-sport trips that explore a variety of biomes. Due to the size of the country, you can easily and quickly get from one region to another, allowing you to bike in the Amazon basin one day and the cloud forest the next!

When to go: May through November is the dry season in the highlands. There is no real differentiation between wet and dry seasons in the Amazon or the cloud forest, you are always in danger of getting rained on!


Unlike Ecuador, Colombia is a huge country (the size of Texas and France combined!) so getting around it takes more time. But it offers incredible biking experiences in three deserts, cloud forest, remote highland Andean towns, and in/around major cities. Bogotá was the pioneer in South America for Ciclovía: Closing urban streets on Sunday’s for bikers and joggers.

When to go: The drier season in most of Colombia runs from December through April.

BIKING - COLOMBIA, South America

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