From camping to glamping to luxury, the Amazon offers endless opportunities for adventure travel in the South America rainforest that’s rugged and exhilarating, restful and rejuvenating. When visiting an area that covers 30% of the whole continent, your options for experiencing the Amazon rainforest are plentiful. Stay in treehouses, play with monkeys or soak up the Amazon rainforest in style, with exquisitely prepared foods and relaxing spa treatments. The Amazon is a real-life version of a choose-your-own adventure novel…with emphasis on the adventure!

Deep Amazon

Hands-down the most rugged and most intimate way of all the Amazon rainforest tours, the Deep Amazon adventure takes you off the grid and into the heart of the jungle. Fly over the Amazon’s green canopy from a single engine Cessna, to a landing that is nothing more than a dirt strip. Just after landing, load your gear into motorized canoes: your primary mode of transportation for the next six days. The Amazon river is one of the greatest highways in the world with dozens of different species of wildlife and hundreds of plant species. Experience the beautiful Curaray river, which marks the southern boundary of Yasuní National Park—widely considered to be the most biodiverse area on the planet. Make sure you pack your camera somewhere easily accessible. You wouldn’t want to miss out when that Capybara heads to the water for a quick drink!  


“Glamorous camping” or glamping, is a new trend that marries the beauty and excitement of the outdoor experience, with many of the comforts of home. In this trip to the Amazon, glamping takes the form of awesome treehouses and rugged cabins, right along the borders of some of South America’s biggest countries. Fly to the border town of Leticia, Colombia, a hop skip and a jump away from Tabatinga, Brazil. This area of the Amazon rainforest is not as well traveled compared with Ecuador’s, but that’s why we love it. You’ll have a whole treehouse to yourself, and in the middle of the river there is a colony of very curious and friendly monkeys that climb all over you while nattering to each other, sort of like a petting zoo, but much more wild and “untamed”!


Not all Amazon trips are created equal. Even in the wild Amazon, you can find an oasis of luxury and relaxation. At a high-end lodge you can experience the best of the jungle during the day, and in the evening sip your favorite cocktail on a veranda overlooking the vast jungle canopy. Skip the treehouse and wake up in a feather bed, well rested and ready for another day of excitement, including a trip to Yasuní National Park, where the opportunities for wildlife viewing are almost limitless. Hundreds, if not thousands, of parrots, macaws, and parakeets all gather in the park to eat clay, which contains vital nutrients to balance out their diets. This intensely vibrant and chaotic scene represents the Amazon rainforest at its finest!

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